North Power XT 2.0 SHOX Windsurf Extension 2017




The completely newly designed North SHOX Extension 2017…The North Shox windsurfing extension from north windsurfing is available in both SDM and RDM versions. The North Shox windsurfing extensions feature the ground breaking north ratchet system of the standard power XTR extension range and the NEW suspension system to reduce vibrations through the windsurfing rig. Like a suspension system on a mountain bike, it takes the bumps out reducing body fatigue and vibrations up into the mast, meaning your rig is distorted much less making you faster, smoother and lasting for longer! ¬†North Shox.XTR Windsurfing Extension SDM And RDM Extension are both 42cm long and only work with the North iShox base & UJ. The North Shox windsurfing extension require the North Shox Base to attach to your board and will not work with any other windsurfing base.

The North Shox base is designed to work perfectly with the North Shox extensions and use a different pin system. These advantages of the new Shox.XTR count for any of range of use and all disciplines: Be it speed, racing  freeride, & Waves with the Shox.XTR you can finally appoint on a dead downwind course without fearing any control problems. Makes every rider 1-2 knots faster, immediately. In the waves, firstly the Shox.XTR dampens landings and delivers a new level of board control when going down-the-line. Supports the pop in Freestyling by the rebound. In addition the damping improves reception on landings. Thanks to a level adjuster the travel can be varied between 60 and 80mm, with longer travel for tougher conditions and bigger waves. Of course we have integrated the Power.XTR ratchet mechanism for SDM as well as RDM masts. And all of this is achieved with only 100g of additional weight compared to a standard Power.XT extension. Get ready for an unprecedented riding sensation!

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