We repair all makes of boards , sails , Sail Bags, Sup Bags, Tents, Boat Covers, Boat Car Canopy ,Carbon Paddles/Fishing Rods   and lots more here on the premises to insurance standards and our own high standards .

Here we do our own in house sail, board & other equipment repairs.
 I have been doing this for over 25 years & can usually  get the repair done at a price that’s kind to your wallet as there are many different ways to repair said items..
All the damaged area on a board is flushed with fresh water & dried before any work is started. This has to be done to get the best bond. Sails are cleaned & dried.
We can re-grip your board as new, with the same translucent heavy duty grip as supplied on a new board. Our grip will also seal and protect your graphics as well as any other marks on your board, so we advise you bringing your board to us rinsed from salt water, cleaned and ready to be gripped.
To re-grip a board up to 2.4m will cost £45
To re-grip a board over 2.4m up to 3.0m will cost £50
To re-grip a board over 3.0m up to 3.5m will cost £55
To re-grip a board over 3.5m will cost £60
For more information please contact us on 07422574105 or e-mail


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