RTM Mambo


An all round kayak that boasts excellent stability, great manoeuvrability and an easy to paddle nature. With its unique hull shape the Mambo is at home on either flat water or in waves. Head off on tranquil and relaxing journeys or go and explore your local lake or river – the Mambo will cope with it all. The shape is also a stable enough platform for utilising as a diving or fishing pontoon.
Carry Toggles
Fittings for Backrest
Fittings for Knee Straps
Grab Lines
Stowing Mesh
Length: 2.67m
Width: 0.77m
Weight: 20.00kg
Max Load: 130.00kg

Read more: http://www.sitons.com/kayaksby/RTM/#ixzz4iDYCB8ZS


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