Fanatic Skate 2018


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86L 93L 100L OR 108L
The Skate TE is the board of 7x Freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo. His speed, power, and style is built into the foundations of this board making it a premium product with limitless possibilities.
Crazy acceleration, top speeds and explosive ›pop‹ happen in seconds, so every gust counts for you to pick the right spot and unleash your rotations. The Skate TE comes in four sizes from 86 to 108l. Each size cleverly matches the conditions most sailed in, whilst the super quick rocker is responsible for its remarkable speed and early planing. Combined with extra tail power, you are able to leave the water at any time, with smooth transitions from aerial moves into sliding tricks. An integrated arch support in the tail pad, combined with our light yet strong Biax Innegra Carbon (BXIC) construction rounds up the sensation and excellence you’d expect. There are no limits to your creativity with this board of a champion.

Key Features
Super quick rocker line for instant top speed
Power V bottom shape for constant control and easy sliding
Finely tuned tail shape for fastest acceleration and a livelier, quicker reaction
Reverse length concept supported by the compact outline
Soft nose rails for smooth transition into sliding moves
More compact and with less nose area for reduced swing weight and even faster rotations (Skate 93)
Feedback and comfort provided by the integrated arch support in the tail pad
Double footstrap inserts for maximum load and adjustable stance settings for tighter or personal preference
Power Box for maximum durability in shallow waters


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