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The lightest and most advanced boom in its class
Material: 7075 aluminum with PROTECTION.GRIP
Front-end: iFRONT 2.0

140-190 150-200  160-210  180-230   200-250

The SILVER SERIES booms are manufactured using our BONDED.TECHNOLOGY featuring a 7075 high-tech aluminum; famously used within high tech mountain bikes. This material makes the arms 30% stiffer than ordinary aluminum tubes. In combination with the additionally hardened front-tube offering 20% increased stiffness the new SILVER SERIES offers massive advantages in durability. We are so convinced by this technology that we are giving 2 year full warranty, even including bending!
The SILVER SERIES body consists of 3 segments and features a one-piece alloy tail-end plus the iFRONT 2.0, the lightest front-end on earth.

The length-specific RDM tubes with a 28mm or 30mm diameter (starting at 180 cm) combine super-high rigidity with great comfort.
The NewSchool bend-curve of the lengths 140, 150 and 160 cm ensures a uniform pull onto front- and backhand.
Further more the entire SILVER SERIES line is equipped with our exclusive iTAIL.WAVE.FITTING which guarantees a perfect friction-free rope alignment (patent pending).
Also new is the PROTECTION.GRIP, an extra stiff EVA stripe on the outside of the tubes, which effectively prevents surface damage when rigging.
A total of five boom lengths with three different length- and range-specific bend curves are available, making the SILVER SERIES fit perfectly for all sails from Wave up to Performance.

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Weight 1 kg
North Silver Boom

140-190cm, 150-200cm, 160-210cm, 180-230cm, 200-250cm


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