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Inspired by modern surfing concepts the Stubby has a compact outline with parallel rails. Combining stability and ease of use with speed and radical responsiveness, the Stubby delivers a new sensation that will give you a blast!

The compact outline concept became one of our favourites back in 2014 when our R&D Team started to develop it. Short in length, the Stubby has a less curved rail line for maximum grip on the wave and through the turns. The much wider nose and tail sections give extra stability, allowing you to ride with less volume and a narrower centre. The surfy rocker line and thin double diamond tail provide fast reactions and flow. For 2017 the Stubby family has grown to four sizes ranging from 7’10” to 8’8”. A high performance board, you’ll appreciate the stability, speed and wave catching abilities, especially when the waves are less than perfect.

7’10” -8’2″-8’6″-8’8″


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